Research Assistant Position

A Research Assistant (senior undergraduate or graduate) is wanted to do library research for a funded research program on teacher assessment practices in major subject areas. The Research Assistant would survey the literature and research in the following areas, summarize it in a comprehensive written report for each area, and make copies of the important literature and research.

Teacher assessment and evaluation practices in English language arts

Teacher assessment and evaluation practices in Science

Teacher assessment and evaluation practices in Mathematics

The research focuses on the practices of Canadian teachers but also includes major studies in the U.S., Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries where English is the language of instruction.

The literature and research will be reported as prescriptive/exhortatory (what the literature says teacher should do) and descriptive/empiricist (what teachers actually do).

The literature review will also include examining and reporting major preservice education textbooks in these subject areas.

The pay scale in effect is the U of S rate for student assistants according to years of study. (See U of S website for details.) The timeline for this project is April for the English language arts, and through June for the other two subject areas.

Familiarity will internet searching of data bases, particularly the ERIC data base and the Canadian Index of Education is required.

To apply (by end of January, 2003) please leave one-page resume with contact information, in a sealed envelope labelled Professor Trevor Gambell, with the EDCUR secretaries in EDUC 3020, or email to:

Professor Trevor Gambell, EDUC 3015; email

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