Back and full of p & v

I’m just returning to Saskatoon from Penn State, where I spent three days meeting with several colleagues. We’ve formed an informal inquiry group (think tank) to consider the state and future of the field of instructional design and technology. What a stimulating time! Truly energizing, and…

…so nice to sit around without a specific agenda and compare ideas about things that we care about deeply with a bunch of tall foreheads in educational technology.

We’ve been messing around with this for a couple of years, and the group is now gravitating toward trying to define the nature of theory in our field. For example, a central question is what is an instructional design theory, and how does it differ from other kinds of theory? What are central principles of design that everyone can agree on? What can we learn from our failures? And on, and on…

You’d be surprised how fascinating this kind of discussion can be. We gave a seminar for the faculty and grad students at Penn State while we were there. Maybe I’ll be able to host the group some day so we can have a session with them!

The group includes:
Andy Gibbons – Brigham Young University
Elizabeth Boling – Indiana University
Barbara Bichelmeyer – Indiana University
Bill Dueber – Indiana University
Barbara Grabowski – Penn State University
Jeanette Hill – University of Georgia
Walt Wager – Florida State University
Mike Spector – Syracuse University

and me.

I’ve got notes…and even a bit of video!

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