ERIC news

Mary Dykes forwards some good news about ERIC. You may have heard that they lost funding and were going to cease operations. Well…

Computer Sciences Corp. has been awarded a five-year, $34.6-million contract to develop and operate a new database system for
the Education Resources Information Center (ERIC), the world’s largest education database comprising more than …

one million bibliographic records. The
new ERIC
database will enable users to search a comprehensive
database of journal
articles and document abstracts and descriptions. But the
major difference
users will notice is the inclusion of free full-text access
to many of the
documents as well as links to commercial vendors for
purchasing documents
when they are not available for free. Libraries will also
be able to
indicate their in-house holdings, so that patrons do not
purchase material
that they could just as easily check out at the reference
desk. Until the
new model becomes operational later this year, no new
materials will be
accepted for inclusion in the database. Once the new ERIC
is up and
running, the U.S. Education Department will contact
publishers, education
organizations and other database contributors to add new
journal articles
and other materials. (U.S. Department of Education Press
Release 18 Mar

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