An analytical report on the Information and Communications Technologies in Schools Survey (ICTSS), 2003-2004 was released on Thursday, June 10, 2004 in the Statistics Canada Daily. The Daily can be downloaded at no charge from the Statistics Canada website

This is the report mentioned in the blog earlier this week–remember the Globe and Mail article? Read on…

The ICTSS collected information from principals to assess connectivity and information and communications technologies (ICT) integration in elementary and secondary schools in Canada.

The survey was conducted in October 2003, that is during the current school year, by Statistics Canada, in partnership with Industry Canada’s SchoolNet program, the sponsor. SchoolNet works with learning partners – provincial and territorial governments, education associations, school boards, schools, teachers and students – to increase access to, and integration of, information and communications technologies (ICT) into the learning environment. Support to the survey initiative has also been provided by Library and Archives Canada.

This report, which presents the first results of the survey, is based on data collected from nearly 6,700 elementary and secondary schools.

“Connectivity and ICT integration in Canadian elementary and secondary schools: First results from the Information and Communications Technologies in Schools Survey, 2003-2004” (81-595-MIE2004017, free) will be available on Statistics Canada’s website From the Our products and services page, under Browse our Internet publications, choose Free, then Education, then “Education, skills and learning – Research papers”.

To obtain more information, to enquire about the concepts, methods or data quality of this release, or to order data, contact Client Services (telephone: 1 800 307-3382 or 613-951-7608; fax: 613-951-9040; TTY: 1 800 363-7629; email:, Culture, Tourism and the Centre for Education Statistics, Statistics Canada, Ottawa ON, K1A 0T6.


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