roll sound… action…fade in

These next few postings will give a few final updates from the conference in Lugano. I found a lovely computer store in Milan that carried Macintosh accessories, so I was able to purchase a new power adapter. Yippee.

Now we’re back in Canada (at least as far as Pearson International Airport in Toronto, and I can finally post a couple of session summaries. If I get around to transcribing some of my notes from sessions after my computer died, I’ll post more. But life moves forward, so no promises.

Lights out until July 1

My power adapter seemed to take a dislike to the 220 volt lines here, and I think one of the wires melted! Consequently, I`m left with what’s left of my battery charge. If a miracle happens, I’ll post some more from the conference while I’m here. Otherwise, the blog will be silent until I can get back to Canadian soil.