ID position at Florida International University

This posting opened in late May, so hurry if you’re interested. I just ran across it this morning.

Instructional Designer – Position # 44928, Florida international University

Miami, Fl

Posting Date:
May 24, 2004 at 2:48 pm

Florida International University is seeking an Instructional Designer to work with faculty who wish to utilize technology for delivery of course content, including but not limited to online course materials.

Job responsibilities include:

collaborating with faculty to design high quality courses that integrate technology effectively;

designing, developing and programming instructional interactive applications to be delivered via Web, CD-Rom, and/or DVD that will enhance teaching and learning;

coaching faculty in instructional design;

using and coaching faculty in the use of WebCT course management software;

developing, and facilitating workshops for faculty on a variety of topics;and

evaluating new and emerging technologies.

In addition the Instructional Designer will work with videographers, photographers, graphic designers, editors and other instructional technology personnel to coordinate the design and delivery of technology enhanced courses and course materials.

Requirements include a Master’s degree in an appropriate area of specialization and two years experience; or a bachelor’s degree in an appropriate area of specialization and four years of appropriate experience.

To apply for this position (Coordinator of Educational Media/Communications – Position Number 44928) please go to to create an online application.

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