ID position at Yale

Danielle Fortosky sent along this ad for an instructional design position at Yale University.

External applicants apply online at: (select “IT Jobs”
from the drop-down menu)
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Forget cognitive science, measure finger length

Well, follow the nature/nurture debate into the area of hormonal evidence of profession choice, and I guess we don’t really need a lot of psychological instrumentation to figure out why people choose the professions they do. [That may well be the worst sentence I’ve ever written, but you get the point]

We just need a ruler. Why didn’t somebody tell me about this when I was trying to figure out what to do with my life, and save me all the trouble of searching?

DMT Director Position at U of S


The Division of Media & Technology is seeking a business-minded visionary with strong academic credentials and a demonstrated ability to stimulate a collaborative work environment to provide leadership for the application, development, production and distribution of educational media for teaching, research and community relations at the University of Saskatchewan (U of S). This includes the operation of the U of S Broadcast Television station under contract to SCN, the provincial educational television channel.
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