Life Interrupted

Life Interrupted – This is a fascinating feature article that appeared a couple of weeks ago in the Seattle Times. With all of our ways to connect with each other technologically, we’ve become a society characterized by multi-tasking and constant interruption. This article interviews some researchers and talks about some of the issues. Coincidentally, I’ve recently followed the lead of my research partner, Katy Campbell, and have begun reading and responding to my email only once a day for a couple of hours. I’m hoping this will help me manage my work/life better, and even allow me to concentrate more fully on the things I’m doing. I’ve found myself to be disturbingly scattered recently, and I think a big culprit is my own compulsion to attend to everything that comes my way immediately. Well, stuff is coming constantly, and from many different directions, so it is natural that some things will not get the attention they deserve while other things will get more attention than they need. Let’s see if my new little strategy helps.

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