Tryout the prototype of a new course

Many of us have been working for more than a year to pull together a new online course that will introduce new and prospective educators to teaching and learning ideas and approaches. If you’d have any interest in helping us by participating in the first several modules of a prototype of the course, we’d welcome you. Read on for more complete information from Kim West and Tereigh Ewert-Bauer — the lead designers of the course.


The Institute for the Advancement of Teaching in Higher Education and the Universities of Saskatchewan, Ottawa, Carleton, and Wilfrid Laurier, is pleased to announce the launch of a new course: Introduction to Teaching in Higher Education: Transforming Teaching, Learning, and Self (, focused on the philosophies, theories, and practices of teaching in a college or university environment. This online course is intended for teachers who find themselves in institutions where similar face-to-face courses are not available, or where these courses have been filled to their enrolment capacities.

We are seeking volunteers (graduate student teachers, faculty, sessional lecturers, and college teachers) to be our test students, communicating their feedback to us on our course before its launch in October 2005.
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The College of Education, University of Saskatchewan is pleased to host
WestCAST 2005 annual conference on February 16-19, 2005. The theme is:

Creating the Future

Bear Pit: perspectives on the future of education
Keynotes: Aboriginal Teacher Education / Stan Wilson
Equity Issues in Education / Cecilia Reynolds
96 presentations and workshops
Great entertainment
Terrific food
Challenging thought, engaged debate, exploring ideas


VISIT THE WEBSITE AT: westcast for
complete information and registration details.