Journal of Educational Enquiry

JEE is available electronically at

Volume 5, No 2, 2004

Papers in this issue include…

Science as a theoretical practice: a response to Gorard from a sceptical cleric (18 pages)

Roy Nash
Massey University College of Education,
Hokowhitu Campus
Palmerson North, New Zealand

]Three abuses of ‘theory’: an engagement with Roy Nash (11 pages)

Stephen Gorard
Department of Educational Studies,
University of York, United Kingdom

]The assessment of literacy: working the zone between ‘system’ and ‘site’ validity (20 pages)

Peter Freebody
School of Education
University of Queensland, Australia


Claire Wyatt-Smith
Faculty of Education
Griffith University, Queensland, Australia

]Educational Research: ‘games of truth’ and the ethics of subjectivity (14 pages)

Michael A Peters
University of Glasgow, Scotland

]Changes in student motivation over the final year of high school(22 pages)

Lorraine Smith
University of Sydney, Australia

Teacher Stress in Taiwanese Primary Schools (19 pages)

Chris Kyriacou and Pei-Yu Chien
University of York, United Kingdom

The bookcase at the end of the thesis: revisioning a literature review (11 pages)

Gloria Latham
School of Education,
RMIT University, Victoria, Australia

Portfolios in Schools: A Longitudinal Study (13 pages)

Laurie Brady
University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

A/Professor Bruce Johnson
Journal of Educational Enquiry

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