Podcasting with Mr. Sprankle

Oh, baby! If you’ve been wondering if there is anything that podcasts can be used for in a regular classroom, check out this example from Bob Sprankle’s grade 3/4 class. If you’re a teacher at heart or in practice, you’ll admire this work.


I’m probably one of the bigger skeptics around when it comes to the actual utility of podcasting, but examples like this along with Rob Wall’s insistence that there is a future for this medium are starting to wear me down. I picked it up from Stephen Downes’ OLDaily, a constant source of great stuff. You’ve heard me say this before, but if you haven’t registered for it, you really should.

Concept mapping tool

Heather Ross sends this along to us:

This is an article on a concept mapping tool called CMap. It was
originally created for use by scientists, but it’s now available for
free for non-commercial purposes.


AMTEC 2005 – DesRoches, Gulas-Bomok, Naigle, Ross & Tannis

Talk about button-busting proud! I wish you all could have attended the presentation by Donna, Darlene, Debi, Heather and Derek yesterday. Here is a link to pdfs of the abstracts and the paper. Our gang did us proud. They presented their papers briefly and a spririted discussion followed. The session convenor, Kees Hof, congratulated them and invited them to submit each paper to the conference next year. And people gripped the presenters in discussion following the session. This all happened in the final concurrent session time slot – not an enviable position, so it speaks to how engaging our group was. Congratulations to all of them.

And I hear that Rob Wall was doing a great job in another room at the same time with his session on educational blogging. It was a great showing for the U of S!