Special issue on the theme “Synchronous methods and applications in e-learning – call for papers

Special issue on the theme “Synchronous methods and applications in e-learning”

Campus-Wide Information Systems – The international journal of information and learning technology (ISSN 1065-0741)

* Important dates

15 September 2005 Full paper submission
30 October 2005 Feedback to authors
30 November 2005 Revised paper submission
15 January 2006 Feedback on revised papers
15 February 2006 Final paper submission

Publication: Volume 23 Issue 3

Recent rapid improvements in technology and the increasing bandwidth of Internet
access in most parts of the world have led to an increasing popularity for
synchronous solutions for instruction. But real-time instant interaction and
possibility of non-verbal information transfer has led to a change in paradigm
of how e-learning is being envisaged in its traditional sense. On one hand, it
lures academics to fall back to their traditional habits of face-to-face instructions
and on the other hand, it promises to provide the best of both worlds. Various new
challenges are emerging from the use of synchronous techniques along with some very
exciting opportunities of improving the quality of instruction and learning.

The special issue will focus on various innovative methods that are being designed
and investigated by researchers and the applications that are being developed and
implemented for synchronous learning. The issue will have a balance between the
theoretical aspects and the practical applications.

* Guest editors:

Kinshuk, Massey University, New Zealand
Nian-Shing Chen, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan

* Submission

Articles should be between 2,000 and 4,000 words in length. The manuscript
preparation guidelines are available at:

Please send your manuscripts in Word or RTF format by email to kinshuk@ieee.org

You will receive acknowledgement of your manuscript within 72 hours. If you do
not receive acknowledgement, please contact Dr Kinshuk at kinshuk1@gmail.com

Campus-Wide Information Systems publishes research on the application of innovative
information and learning technologies for both formal and informal learning. The
journal has a practitioner orientation providing theories and applications related
to planning, development, management, use and evaluation of information and
learning technologies in education organizations.

More information about the journal is available at:

For any queries regarding special issue, please contact Dr Kinshuk at kinshuk@ieee.org

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