CIDER session tomorrow

This is to remind you that there is a CIDER Session tomorrow, featuring our very own Heather Ross.

Date: Friday, November 25, 2005
Starts: 2005-11-25 11:00 AM MST (1:00 AM EST)
Ends: 2005-11-25 12:00 PM MST (2:00 PM EST)
Topic: DE Module for rural physicians
Facilitators: Heather M. Ross
University of Saskatchewan

Many specialists and rural physicians throughout Canada face a hardship in trying to attend conferences to complete their continuing professional development (CPD) credits. In an effort to provide an alternative method of delivering CPD to professionals, a project is being undertaken for the office of Continuing Professional Learning in the College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. This presentation will explore what must be taken into consideration in the design of such a program and provide an update on the status of this project.

Participation is free! To join a CIDER session, click on the link provided in each email notice. The next CIDER session link is:

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