Instructional Trainer Position in Virginia

From the SALT Website — sounds like an ID position to me.

Instructional Trainer
Work Schedule: 8:15 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. or as determined by contract requirements
Location of Job: Arlington, VA
• Compiles, interprets and organizes information, writes and edits instructional
materials (tutorials, references, audio and video scripts, storyboards, navigational
text, tests, etc.) to transform classroom-based courseware, reference documents,
and raw materials into clear, effective professionally written, interactive
multimedia training.
• Conducts needs/audience analysis, develops training objectives and lesson plans,
and collaborates on instructional treatment.
• Conducts staff development classes for language instructors on using the
computer labs for language training.
• Schedules and deliver computer lab orientations for new instructors and students.
• Provide basic technical support to both students and instructors as necessary.
• Assists Instructors in finding and selecting instructional media for use in the
computer labs.
• Structures course content, refines objectives, and develops course outline, and
builds testing and feedback to provide instructional strategies.
• Collaborates with members of development team for a shared understanding of
course content and requirements to arrive at effective graphic approach, technical
development, navigation, and functionality.
• Works with team to ensure deliverables are completed in scope and on schedule.
Keeps Team Lead informed on progress and any issues relating to this goal.
• Confers with customers to gather information and represent work of development
• Works independently, applying intensive and diversified knowledge in broad
areas of assignments. May receive technical guidance from a multimedia project
manager and/or program manager.
• Performs a wide variety of professional tasks that demand a high level of
creativity and imagination, as well as a thorough knowledge of the applicable
customer needs and expectations.
• Performs other duties as assigned.
Requires a Bachelor’s degree and five years of experience in design and development of
training or Master?s degree in educational technology, instructional design, or equivalent,
and three years of experience. Applicants must have very strong skills in writing and
editing technical and non-technical materials over very broad range of subjects.
Experience in information design for online and print, copy editing and proofreading is
important. Candidates must be proficient in Microsoft Office 2000 (Windows): Word,
PowerPoint and Excel with the ability to learn new software as needed.

I’ve always found this procedure a little unusual and unnecessary, but you can request application information from the SALT Website (

Wouldn’t it just be easier to list the website?

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