Gender differences in Internet use

In an artilce by Anick Jesdanun, she reports a study that indicates that there is no difference in the number of men and women who use the Internet, but there is a difference in how they make use of it. Here’s an excerpt:

American men who go online are more likely than women to check the weather, the news, sports, political and financial information, the Pew Internet and American Life Project reported Wednesday. They are also more likely to use the Internet to download music and software and to take a class.

Online women, meanwhile, are bigger users of e-mail, and they are also more likely to go online for religious information and support for health or personal problems.

“For men, it’s just, ‘Give me the facts,” said Deborah Fallows, who wrote the report based on six years of Pew surveys. “For women, it’s ‘Let’s talk about this. Are you worried about this problem?’ It’s keeping in touch and connecting with people in a richer way.”

Thankfully, the article points out that where there are differences, they are not large. It also balances some of the gender rhetoric at the end of the article, pointing out that the question goes deeper than the stereotypical way we often see differences between men and women portrayed. Good. I felt a rant coming on about “just the facts” vs. “connecting with people in a richer way.”

Shareski on Wikis

I said I wouldn’t post unless something pretty good caught my eye. Well, I have a doozie! Our very own Dean Shareski is fighting the good fight for the credibility of Wikis, and specifically Wikipedia in the latest edition of “Learning & Leading With Technology”. Read Dean’s elegant prose; watch as he wins a point-counterpoint argument with Carol Ann Winker — hands down in my opinion.

Happy Holidays from the Café

A warm, happy, safe and refreshing holiday to all of you from the gang here at the café. Rick’s Café will be on holiday hours until the New Year, which means that I might update it if I run across something compelling, but otherwise you can look for us to return to the regular posting schedule in the new year.

NORAD's Santa Claus

In the meantime, remember to follow Santa’s movements around the globe from the NORAD tracking station.