CISSE 2006

The Second International Joint Conferences on Computer, Information, and Systems Sciences, and Engineering

December 4-14, 2006

Technically Co-Sponsored by:

Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
University of Bridgeport

Update: CISSE 2005 proceedings books now available from Springer.


CISSE 2006 provides a virtual forum for presentation and discussion of the
state-of the-art research on computers, information and systems sciences
and engineering. CISSE 2006 is the second conference of the CISSE series of
e-conferences. CISSE 2005 was the World’s first International
Engineering/Computing and Systems Research Online E-Conference. CISSE 2005
was the first high-caliber Research Conference in the world to be
completely conducted online in real-time via the internet.

The CISSE 2006 virtual conference will be conducted through the Internet
using web-conferencing tools, made available by the conference. Authors
will be presenting their PowerPoint, audio or video presentations using
simple web-conferencing tools without the need for travel. Conference
sessions will be broadcast to all the conference participants, where
session participants can interact with the presenter during the
presentation and (or) during the Q&A slot that follows the presentation.
This international conference will be held entirely on-line. The accepted
and presented papers will be made available after the conference both on a
CD and as a book publication. Springer, the official publisher for CISSE,
published the 2005 proceedings in 2 books.

Book 1:

Book 2:

Hawaii International Conference on Education

Hawaii International Conference on Education January 6 – 9, 2007
Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, the Radisson Waikiki Prince Kuhio, and
the Pacific Beach Hotel, Hawaii, USA

Since many people have individually asked for an extension of the submission
deadline, we are extending the deadline for submissions to Friday, September
8th, 2006.

Call for papers, abstracts, student papers, work-in-progress reports,
research proposals, workshop proposals, poster sessions, research tables, or
reports on issues related to teaching, practitioner forums, panel
discussions, and tutorials. For more information on the format of
submissions see

SSHRC Internal Review

The deadline for the SSHRC Standard Grant Internal Review Process is September 15th!

This process is designed to help researchers submit the best possible application to SSHRC. Assessors with SSHRC experience (grant holders and adjudication committee members) will read and respond to draft grant applications. To ensure that researchers receive a high quality review, and have time to make the appropriate revisions, a draft of the project summary, detailed proposal and budget is due September 15th, 2006. Each application will be reviewed by an assessor in the applicant’s discipline and a general reader. Results of these reviews will be returned to applicants on September 22nd in preparation for the October 15th SSHRC Standard Grant deadline.

Any internally reviewed application that subsequently receives a 4A rating from SSHRC (meritorious but beneath SSHRC’s available budget), will receive a $5,000 research grant to support a resubmission to SSHRC. Only internally reviewed applications are eligible for these funds. Due to financial limitations, 4A support only applies to the Standard Grant, Research/Creation Grant and Aboriginal Research Grant programs.

If you have any questions, please contact .