New online course – “Transforming Teaching”

The Gwenna Moss Teaching & Learning Centre is delighted to offer the new online course “Transforming Teaching” to university and college instructors. This course is designed to take educators beyond the practical aspects of teaching and learning.

In this 21 module online course, participants will be guided through a series of reflective questions, exercises and assignments intended to
* identify your strengths and areas for development
* help you define your personal teaching philosophy and style
* expose you to the expertise and advice of many award-winning teachers
* support you as you build a teaching portfolio

New University of Saskatchewan tenure-track faculty (hired since July 2005) are eligible for a tuition waiver. Some University of Saskatchewan Sessional Lecturers may also be eligible for a tuition waiver. For more information on tuition waivers contact Tereigh Ewert-Bauer (

“Transforming Teaching” runs from December 4, 2006 to May 20th, 2007. For more information and to register, please visit


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