Position in the College of Medicine

College of Medicine
Division of Continuing Professional Learning
(Term position)


1.0 FTE

Closing Date:

November 7, 2006

PRIMARY PURPOSE: To facilitate, assist, support and enhance the
research capacity, acquisition of research, and the completion of
research endeavors being undertaken by the Division of Continuing
Professional Learning, College of Medicine.

NATURE OF WORK: Reporting to the Director, Division of Continuing
Professional Learning, the holder of this position is a key member of
the division with responsibility for conducting research in
continuing professional learning and development, evaluating all
modalities of education developed by the division, and assisting the
program developers in needs assessment and evaluation of individual
educational activities where needed. The holder of this position will
offer practical advice, analysis and interpretation of data, and will
be expected to seek grant funding to support the ongoing research
agenda and to produce publications on aspects of continuing
professional learning (including, but not only, modalities of
continuing medical education, remediation and
enhancement ,interdisciplinary and interprofessional learning and
factors affecting physician learning). Travel within Canada will be


Working with the Director to develop a research agenda for the
Division of Continuing Professional Learning.
Convening and working with a Research Advisory Committee which would
give advice on directions of Research.
Working with the Director to develop research priorities.
Evaluating the modalities of education offered by the Division of
Continuing Professional Learning.
Assessing the educational needs of Saskatchewan physicians on a
regular basis to assist in program development.
Producing research papers in continuing professional education.
Presenting research findings at appropriate national meetings.
Education: A Masters degree in education or continuing education.
Equivalent qualifications and experience may be considered. A valid
driver’s license is required.

Experience: Comprehensive knowledge of research process with both
qualitative and quantitative analysis. Experience in continuing
professional education for physicians. Prior experience in the
teaching or health care fields is desirable.

Skills: Ability to work independently in cooperation with the
Director and other staff of the Division of Continuing Professional
Learning, strong attention to detail, flexibility to adapt to
changing priorities and excellent time and budget management skills.
Demonstrated ability to maintain confidentiality within the health
care field, and effective grant and publication writing skills.
Ability to recruit funding within the guidelines of the Division.

Submit applications by November 7, 2006 to:
Continuing Professional Learning
Box 60001 RPO University
Saskatoon SK S7N 4J8

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