CJLT Volume 32, Issue 2

This isn’t new, but I’ve promised myself to post tables of contents of this journal and a few others I follow. This is what you’ll find in the Spring, 2006 issue of the Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology. CJLT archives all of its issues and releases all but the newest issue to the general public for free download. I wish academic journals would see the value in making everything available without a delay for non-members, but the one-issue hold-back is a pretty common approach by organizations that consider an academic journal subscription to be a benefit of membership.

Here’s the table of contents for 32(2).

Editorial: Taking stock and looking forward
Michele Jacobsen

Off with their heads! Copyright infringement in the Canadian online higher educational environment
Kelly Edmonds

Design models as emergent features: An empirical study in communication and shared mental models in instructional design
Luca Botturi

Un environnement 3D qui favorise le sentiment d’appartenance en situation de formation à distance / A computerized 3D environment fostering a sense of belonging in a distance education context.
Claire IsaBelle, Nancy Vézina, Hélène Fournier

Profiling individual discussants’ behaviours in online asynchronous discussions
Elizabeth Murphy, Maria A. Rodriguez Manzanares

The rainbow bridge metaphor as a tool for developing accessible e-learning practices in higher education
Jane Seale

Breaking the Ice: Supporting collaboration and the development of community online
Julie S. Dixon, Heather Crooks, Karen Henry

Can schools realize the learning potential of Knowledge Management?
Alan Bain, Robert John Parkes

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