Journal of Learning Design

Volume 1 #3 of the Journal of Learning Design is available, and it includes:

Conversation as Inquiry: A Conversation with Instructional Designers
Katy Campbell, University of Alberta; Richard A. .Schwier, University of Saskatchewan; Richard F. Kenny, Athabasca University; all of Canada

Assessing Group Interactions On-line: Students’ Perspectives
Catherine Caws, University of Victoria, Canada

Retention in Online Courses: Using a Motivational Framework and Online Peers to Enlighten Potential Learners About Learning Online
Andrea Duff, University of South Australia; Diana Quinn, University of South Australia, Australia

The Master-less Studio: An Autonomous Education Community
Don Lebler, Griffith University, Australia

Learning Design and Service Oriented Architectures: A Mutual Dependency?
Patrick McAndrew, The Open University; Martin Weller, The Open University; Mark Barrett-Baxendale, Liverpool Hope University; all of UK.

Discovering Design Possibilities Through a Pedagogy of Multiliteracies
Kathy Mills, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

On Using Popular Culture to Enhance Learning for Engineering Undergraduates
Peter O’Shea, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Design Patterns for Complex Learning
Shanta Rohse, Athabasca University, Canada; Terry Anderson, Athabasca University, Canada


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