This memo is a call for applications for the 2007 CIHR Canada Graduate Scholarship Master’s Awards Competition. Please note that the University of Saskatchewan has been provided with an application quota of 5. Please submit your CIHR Master’s applications to the College of Graduate Studies and Research no later than JANUARY 10th, 2007. The awards are valued at $17,500 for one year and ARE not renewable.

The College of Graduate Studies in conjunction with Dr. Bruce Waygood’s office and the University of Regina held a conference call with CIHR last November. The purpose of the call was to get feedback from CIHR as to how we could improve our success rate in this competition. I have attached Dr. Waygood’s document summarizing the feedback we received from CIHR. Please read it carefully and pass the information along to potential candidates and faculty.

There will not be a limit set as to how many applications a department or unit may be allowed to submit for the competition. However, please be reminded that we have a quota of 5 applications and approximately 96 Canada Graduate Scholarships Master’s Awards will be awarded across Canada and we will be expecting to see only your top candidates that meet all of the eligibility criteria of the award. If applicants do not meet the eligibility criteria, they will be eliminated from the competition.
To be considered eligible to apply for support, you must:
• be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident;
• at the time of the CIHR deadline for application (February 1st), you must:
o have completed or be in the last year of a Bachelor’s degree; or,
o have been registered for no more than ten months as a full-time student in a Master’s program; or,
o have been registered for no more than ten months as a full-time PhD student and were admitted to the PhD program directly from your Bachelor’s degree.
• be applying for support to pursue your first graduate degree (i.e., Master’s or PhD). All previous studies at the graduate level, regardless of discipline, either course-based or research based, will be included in determining eligibility;
• not have already held an award from SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR or any other federal source to undertake and/or complete a Master’s or PhD degree.

Persons with a health professional degree who seek support for Master’s or PhD research training may be eligible to apply to this program, but should also consult the guidelines for the CIHR Fellowships program. Those eligible for both have the option of applying to either program but not to both in the same year (i.e. September through August). Please note that a person holding a health professional degree would receive a higher stipend only through the CIHR Fellowship Program.

The program is open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents. At the time of application, candidates must have completed or be in the last year of a bachelor degree or have been registered for no more than 10 months as a full-time student in a Masters program. Only those students engaged in full-time Master’s programs in which research is a major component are eligible for support.

Eligibility to Hold an Award

• be registered full-time in the first or second year of a Master’s or PhD program in which research is a major component (awards will not take effect until after proof of registration is received); and
• not have already held, or hold, an award from SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR or any other federal source to undertake and/or complete a Master’s or PhD degree.

Location of Tenure

The award for which support is being sought should be under the supervision of a researcher who holds research funds obtained through a recognized competitive peer review process. These awards must be held at a Canadian institution.

Peer Review Process and Evaluation Criteria

A CIHR peer review committee will evaluate the full applications. Committee members are selected based on suggestions from many sources including the institution(s) / portfolio(s) and partner(s), following CIHR’s policy on Conflict of Interest, Confidentiality and Privacy Issues in Peer Review.

Peer review will be conducted in accordance with the Peer Review Guide for Master’s Awards and Doctoral Research Awards applications. The following standard criteria for evaluating Master’s Awards applications will apply:

• Achievements and Activities of the Candidate:
• Characteristics and Abilities of the Candidate:
• Research Training Environment (Proposed or Actual)
A complete application consists of:
• CIHR Training Module (pages 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, Acknowledgement Page and Consent Form); (Updated: 2005-11-24)
• Common CV module (validated for CIHR) for the candidate only (Draft copies will not be accepted);
• Original official transcripts (must be an unopened original from the issuing institution; it is recognized that for applications submitted through a university, university officials will have opened the transcript envelopes before they reach CIHR); Certified true copies will only be accepted from institutions outside North America);
• CIHR’s Sponsors’ reports for a CGS Master’s Award to be completed by two sponsors who have had an opportunity to assess the candidate’s potential – one of these should be the candidate’s most recent research supervisor, if applicable; and
• Confirmation of Canadian citizenship or residency (permanent residents only).
Conditions of Funding
All conditions specified in CIHR General Grants and Awards Policies shall apply to applications funded through this program. Conditions cover areas such as Applicant and Institutional Responsibilities, Ethics, Official language policy, Access to Information and Privacy Acts, and Acknowledgement of CIHR support. Successful candidates will be informed of any special financial conditions prior to the release of funds or when they receive CIHR’s Authorization for Funding (AFF) document.

Candidates must follow the Guidelines on how to complete the Training Module for this program available on the CIHR website.

The link for the CIHR Training module and CV module is

Review Criteria
• Achievements and Activities of the Candidate:
o Research Experience and Achievement
o Academic Performance
• Characteristics and Abilities of the Candidate:
o Critical thinking
o Independence
o Perseverance
o Originality
o Organizational skills
o Interest in discovery
o Communication skills
• Research Training Environment (proposed or actual)
Effective Date
Awards must be taken up between July 1 and October 1 following the offer of award and must commence on the first day of a month.

We look forward to seeing your CIHR Canada Master’s nominations no later than
January 10th, 2007!!!


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