Happy Holidays 2006 from the café

Wishing a warm, happy, safe, peaceful and refreshing holiday to all of you from the gang here at the café. I celebrate Christmas, but whatever your disposition, I hope you’ll find time to be with people you care about and enjoy the season in your own way. Rick’s Café will be on holiday hours until sometime in January, which means that I might update it if I run across something compelling, but otherwise you can look for us to return to the regular posting schedule in the new year.

I’m on a research leave next term, so I will be travelling to our first destination in early January. Don’t worry if the lights in the café are dark for a couple of weeks.

NORAD's Santa Claus

In the meantime, remember to follow Santa’s movements around the globe from the NORAD tracking station.

AcademicKeys — Faculty and Administration Positions

This month`s issue of AcademicKeys` e-Flier for Education
features 120 faculty openings,8 senior administrative positions,
and 2 Post-doc opportunities and links to hundreds more positions
in higher education.

I didn’t go through this document and create the links — there were too many to deal with. I was surprised to find this in my inbox. I don’t remember seeing it before, but if you’re looking for a faculty position, there are quite a few to choose from.

I’m not looking, by the way.
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