2007 Graduate Student Research Excellence Award

Call for Applications

by Sue Lasky and Sherri Brown, Graduate Student Research Excellence Award Committee Chair and Co-Chair

Division C will again present its research excellence award for the best paper accepted for presentation at the 2007 AERA annual meeting by a current or recent graduate student. This award represents Division C’s continuing efforts to promote and support the professional development of its graduate students and to recognize graduate research excellence. The award winner will be recognized at the annual business meeting of the division at the AERA conference in Chicago, where he or she will receive $500 and a commemorative plaque. The 2006 winner, Colleen C. Hawkins from the University of Sydney accepted the award for her paper entitled, “Perfectionism: Clarification of multidimensionality and perfectionist typology using the Frost Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale.” The paper selection criteria include: (1) new knowledge contribution to the field, (2) significance of the problem/question, (3) theoretical and/or practical importance of the research findings, (4) originality, (5) quality of the research design, (6) APA V formatting, (7) clarity of presentation, (8) innovative implications and directions for future research, (9) adequate & relevant references, and (10) overall future promise of the researcher. We at Division C strongly encourage all potential contributors to accept this significant opportunity for professional growth by entering the competition.

Enthusiastic participation in this award program has served to promote the professional development of our newest scholars. We are pleased to report that three recent winners of this award have gone on to become assistant professors at major research universities.

This competition provides current or recent graduate students the challenging, yet rewarding task of presenting a clear, concise, journal-length rendering of their research in a compelling manner. Receiving this award is acknowledgement for conducting outstanding research, and of course, the award represents the attainment of a very significant professional and personal milestone.

To be eligible for the competition, several criteria must be met. Papers must first be officially accepted for presentation at the annual meeting in Chicago. The research must have been conducted while still a graduate student during 2005 or 2006. In the case of the co-authored paper, the candidate also is required to be the primary researcher and first author. The deadline for submission of the application is January 30, 2007. Only a hard copy of the application can be accepted; thus, do not submit your work via e-mail or by fax. Per convention, the paper must be written in APA V style with an absolute maximum of 30 pages, including text, references, appendices, tables and figures. Papers exceeding this specified length or not meeting the other guidelines will not be considered for the award.

The application must include the following: 1) four hard copies of the paper; 2) cover sheet with the paper’s title; 3) author’s name, address, phone, and email; 4) research advisor’s/mentor’s name, address, phone, and email; 4) brief letter from the research advisor/mentor acknowledging that the author was the primary researcher, and that the student’s research was conducted during 2005 or 2006; and 5) photocopy of the AERA Division C acceptance letter for the April 2006 annual meeting in Chicago.

Please send materials to:
Sue Lasky, Ph.D., Chair
AERA Graduate Research Excellence Award Committee
331 Education Building
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292


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