NCTE Promising Researcher Award Competition

Guidelines for the NCTE Promising Researcher Award Competition
in Recognition of Bernard O’Donnell


The 2007 Promising Researcher Award Competition is open to individuals who have completed dissertations, theses, or initial, independent studies after the dissertations between December 1, 2004, and January 31, 2007. Studies entered into competition should be related to the teaching of English or the language arts, e.g., language development, literature, composition, teacher education/professional development, linguistics, etc., and should have employed a recognized research approach, e.g., historical, ethnographic, interpretive, experimental, etc. In recognition of the fact that the field has changed in recent years, the Committee on Research invites entries from a variety of scholarly perspectives.

Procedures and Deadlines

1. Entrance: Candidates must submit two (2) copies of a manuscript based on their research. Manuscripts should be written in format, style, and length appropriate for submission to a research journal such as Research in the Teaching of English, College Composition and Communication, Curriculum Inquiry, Teaching and Teacher Education, or Anthropology and Education Quarterly. Normal manuscripts range between 25-50 double-spaced pages. (Tables, figures, references, and appendices are considered part of the “manuscript.”) All pages must be on standard 8 ?” x 11″ paper, must have at least 1″ margins at the top, bottom, and both sides, and must be in a standard font. Manuscripts in any other form (abstracts, dissertation reports, reprints, or published articles, etc.) cannot be considered in this competition. Although manuscripts should conform to the publication standard of the above-mentioned journals, selection as a Promising Researcher does not guarantee eventual publication in those journals.

Manuscripts should be sent to: NCTE, Promising Researcher Award Competition, 1111 W. Kenyon Road, Urbana, IL. 61801, Attention: Felisa Love. Manuscripts must be received on or before March 1, 2007. Accompanying all manuscripts must be a written statement verifying that the research was completed within the specified completion dates. This letter must come from someone other than the candidate (e.g., the major professor or a researcher knowledgeable in the field) who agrees to sponsor the candidate.

2. The name, current address, position, and telephone number of the entrant should be transmitted along with the manuscript to facilitate communication between the selection committee and the entrant. This information should be on the cover page only.

3. Judging: Manuscripts received on or before March 1, 2007, will be transmitted to members of the selection committee for evaluation. Results of the judging will be available after May 15, 2007, and entrants will be notified of the results shortly thereafter. Manuscripts will not be returned to the authors.

4. Summary of Dates and Deadlines:

December 1, 2004 – January 31, 2007 Completion dates for research entered

March 1, 2007 Deadline for receipt of manuscripts (two copies)

May 15, 2007 Results of final judging will be available


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