Making Connections: Learning and Research Conference

from Peter Arthur:

Call for Proposals: Making Connections: Learning and Research May 2 – 4, 2007 in Kelowna, British Columbia
Deadline for submission of proposals is March 16, 2007.
Submit proposals online

The third annual UBC Okanagan Learning Conference will explore the connections between research and learning and consider questions such as how can research enrich and enhance the student learning experience; how can the curriculum be redesigned to reflect a process of inquiry; what classroom strategies can be used to help students gain insight into research and when and how are these best taught? How can technology help?

The conference will open with a keynote by Dr. Carl Wieman, Nobel Prize winner in Physics and US University Professor of the Year in 2004 as named by the Carnegie Foundation of the Advancement of Higher Education. Dr. Wieman joined UBC in 2007 as Director of the Science Education Initiative.

Call for Proposals
All interested individuals or groups are invited to submit proposals for 50 minute sessions. Each session is expected to have an interactive component. Formats may include discussions, roundtables, and presentations on one, or more, of the following topic areas:

1. Undergraduate Learning and Research
How can undergraduates be exposed to research? Are there meaningful ways of involving undergraduates in research? What can students teach us about how and where they learn best? How can technology support student engagement in research?
2. The Role of the Teacher in Connecting Research and Learning
How do we build bridges between learning and research for students? What classroom strategies can be used to give students a more meaningful exposure to research? Can redesigning instruction around an enquiry based model help students make the connection?
3. The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
What do we know about learning and how can it be more effectively shared within and across disciplines? What are research skills and how are they learned? What influences student learning? What approaches to teaching and learning in your disciplines are most effective?
4. Critical Thinking
Is critical thinking the essential link between research and learning? What is critical thinking? How are critical thinking skills best learned? How can critical thinking be taught? How can the curriculum be reshaped to focus on the process of enquiry?
5. Active Learning
How can we make the undergraduate experience an active learning experience? What techniques can be applied effectively in large classrooms? How should the Learning Commons evolve as an active learning environment?

Submit proposals online: .
For more information contact Peter Arthur at 250-807-9207 or email


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