7th Annual IST Conference at Indiana University

As some of you know, I’m on sabbatical leave, and I’m a visiting scholar at Indiana University this term. For the past several years they have been running a conference in Instructional Systems Technology, and it really has turned out to be an excellent conference. If you’re interested in attending virtually (or in person), check out the conference website. I’m pretty sure that online attendance is free of charge, and they’re using Breeze. You can contact the conference planners to find out how the virtual sessions will work.

Here’s a little information from the conference homepage:

About The IST Conference

The IST conference is a student-run conference that offers graduate students a safe venue to gain experience in presenting, organizing, and attending professional conferences. This year, we plan to invite residential and distance students, alumni, and faculty of the IU IST department as well as IST students from other universities and students from other IU departments.

Time and Venue

The 7th Annual IST Conference will take place on Friday, March 2, 2007 through Saturday, March 3, 2007 in the W.W. Wright School of Education of Indiana University – Bloomington.
A more detailed schedule will be available soon.

Keynote Address

We are proud to welcome Dr. Andrew S. Gibbons from the Instructional Psychology and Technology department at Brigham Young University, to be the 2007 keynote speaker for the IST Conference. More information about Dr. Gibbons can be found here.

Dr. Gibbons will present on the topic:

“Science and Technology: Differences That Make A Difference”


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