CSSE preconference workship on research about learning

The Canadian Society for Studies in Education, the Canadian Council on Learning, and The Faculty of Education, University of Saskatchewan Announce a one-day workshop as a CSSE preconference

Being Systematic: An Effective Approach to Locating Research about Learning

Friday, May 25, 2007
8:30 – 4:30
Workshop leader: Terri Thompson
Workshop Location: College of Education, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

Locating and reviewing research is an important component for anyone interested in addressing issues about learning across the life-span. Whether you are a student, practitioner, advocate, academic, policyanalyst, or a combination thereof, learning how to systematically locate research will help to ensure your review of literature is inclusive, thorough, and transparent. This one-day, hands-on workshop is designed
to have participants achieve the following objectives:

* learn how to systematically locate research about learning
* identify databases relevant to the area of learning;
* learn how to develop a specific search strategy;
* increase the effectiveness, efficiency and inclusivity of their searches;
* learn how to use RefWorks and similar tools.

There is no charge for registration in this preconference session. Prior registration for this workshop is obligatory because space is limited to the first 26 registrants.

Please register by e-mailing tthompson@ccl-cca.ca. Include on the subject line of your message “CSSE Workshop.” You will receive written confirmation from Terri Thompson of your registration.


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