WBE 2008 Call for Papers

Web-based Education (WBE 2008)
WBE 2008 will take place from March 17 – 19, 2008.

Call for papers

As keyboards replace chalkboards, the Web’s impact on
traditional educational theories and practices are
increasingly apparent. It has transformed and expanded the
conventional boundaries of education. New innovations such
as virtual colleges, laboratories, and universities are
creating an abundance of additional areas of study
surrounding this innovation. These include innovative
hardware and software technology, online testing and
assessment, training and teaching applications, and
courseware design and development.

WBE 2008 is aimed to provide scholars, faculty,
researchers, and administrators in all web-based
educational areas with an excellent opportunity to convene
with colleagues from approximately 50 countries to discuss
innovative ideas, results, and outcomes of research in this
new and exciting field.


WBE 2008 is sponsored by the International Association of
Science and Technology for Development (IASTED), with the
assistance of: • Technical Committee on Education
In cooperation with the World Modelling and Simulation
Forum (WMSF).


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