Curt Bonk on EdTechTalk

Just heard from Curtis Bonk, a great guy and a prof at Indiana University where I just spent my sabbatical. He’s appearing on edtechtalk this Sunday and sent the coordinates. Give him a listen if you get a chance. I’m going to try to make it too. In New Zealand, they would say he’s “good value.”

Hey, in case you or your students might be interested, on Sunday night at 8 pm EST (New York/Indiana time—6 pm Calgary time) I will be a guest on an online talk show. I know you do this type of thing more than me with all your podcasts.

I will be talking about emerging technologies, my WE-ALL-LEARN book project (currently writing-—the learning world is flat book), my Empowering Online Learner book (in press with Jossey Bass), and my fall 2007 Web 2.0 syllabus and other various other topics at the Worldbridges program called EdTechTalk (though it we will start chatting at 7:45 and a program is on before me from 7-7:45) (New York/Indiana time). Links are below. (This is what I get for asking Jeff Lebow from Worldbridges questions for my book-—instead of answers on email, he invites me to his online talk show for a conversation.)

Per Jeff Lebow at Worldbridges ( Go to since that is where all the action will be taking place live and where all of the media will be posted afterward. The audio stream should be on as long as the conversation is still happening. There are links at the top of the right column menu, but just in case there’s any confusion, you can direct people to the text chat at and the listen page in at

Feel free to listen in and text in a question. Or listen in later.


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