Course on Open and Social Software Learning Tools

This is an excellent course from the University of Regina, being created and offered for the first time in January 2008 by Alec Couros, a good friend and teacher, and alumnus of our program. He’s being assisted in the development of the course by Rob Wall, who is also a good friend and teacher, and alumnus of our program. They’re also both charter members of the Ed Tech Posse and Alec is the father of Raine, up-and-coming Canadian Idol contender. Check out her new single, “Milo Open the Door.”

Official title – EC&I 831- EC&I 831 Computers in the
Classroom: Appropriate Curriculum and Instruction Related
to Computer Technology

This course will examine pedagogically appropriate ways to
use computer technology effectively in classrooms.

I am staying true to the rather vague outline, but
focusing on the principles of learning being “social, open
and connected” and focusing specifically on open and social
tools/software for the classroom, how they can be used and
how pedagogy changes the way we perceive and guide learning
and knowledge. Social learning are connectivism are two key
pedagogical concepts that guide the course.

It will be offered completely online. I’d like to use a
synchronous tool for once a week get-togethers, approx 1.5
hours/week where we can discuss course goals, content and
create collaborative opportunities. Outside experts in the
field (professors, teachers, ed. technologists,
edubloggers) will be invited to participate in the
discussions and collaborate with students. All sessions
will be recorded. We’ll likely use Moodle, blogs, wikis and
other social tools to run the course.

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