No joy in mudville

Okay, so anyone who knows me well knows I’m a die-hard Huskies fan–especially football, basketball (I follow the women more than the men- Lisa Thomadis is the best coach I’ve ever seen at any level), and volleyball.

Today was a rough day. Calgary, with an awful record, no defense, and even without their starting quarterback, came into Saskatoon and beat us in our house with a 51 yard field goal with no time remaining. Never mind that we had a half dozen chances to put them away, and never mind that there were some penalties that would have sent a particular coach I once admired (yes, Bobby Knight) into the stratosphere. They won. They walked away with a W. Our guys played hard, but nothing went their way. Oh, man, this hurts.

And it happened too close to the same time my beloved Chicago Cubs were eliminated from the MLB playoffs. It’s been a bad weekend for sports.

But what I don’t understand is how we have empty seats at Griffith Stadium (Okay, Potash Corp Park — I’ll never get used to that!). We have the closest thing to a football dynasty as any university in the country can claim, and yet we have 1000 empty seats. Okay, it rained. But it wasn’t much rain and it was a WARM rain for October. So where were our students?

I’m frustrated. I think I’ll watch the Colts tomorrow. They always seem to heal my wounds.


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