Below is an advertisement for the Kirkpatrick Travel Award for 2007-2008. Faculty and students from the College are eligible to apply.

Purpose: The Kirkpatrick Travel Fund enables recipients to visit for up to one week an educational project or program related to their duties or field of interest. (Attendance at a convention or conference does not meet the conditions of the award.) The Awards Committee will consider both the innovativeness and creativity of the proposal and also the significance of the proposal to support current educational priorities in Saskatchewan. NOTE: Where appropriate, applicants should include a letter of support from their system.

Award: Normally each award will consist of travel expenses via economy class air fare, plus a per diem allowance to cover costs of meals and accommodations to a maximum of $1800. Recipients of this award must complete travel within two years.

Eligibility: Members of the S.T.F.; students registered in or individuals recommended for a Teaching Certificate from the College of Education, University of Saskatchewan; and the faculty of the College.

Deadline Date: November 30, 2007

Applications: Forms for the 2007-2008 award are available from:

The Kirkpatrick Travel Fund
Associate Dean’s Office
College of Education
University of Saskatchewan
28 Campus Drive
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7N 0X1

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