STLHE logo design competition

Student submissions are invited for an original logo design to represent
the current image and goals of the Society for Teaching and Learning in
Higher Education (STLHE). This national competition is open to all
students taking credit courses at post-secondary institutions in Canada.

The Society

The STLHE is a national community of scholarly teachers interested in the
improvement of teaching and learning in higher education. The logo should
communicate our three valued activities of innovation, collaboration, and
scholarship in teaching and learning. It should portray an organization
that is about people and community, and the image should be as lively and
energetic as the Society it represents. To find out more about STLHE,
please visit our website at

Competition Process

The submission deadline is December 10, 2007. All submissions are to be
sent with a subject line of STLHE/SAPES Logo Competition as electronic copy
to or on a CD to:

STLHE/SAPES Logo Competition
c/o The Centre for Teaching and Learning
University of Windsor
Lambton Tower 2107
401 Sunset Avenue
Windsor, ON N9B 3A4

Please include your program of study and post-secondary institution with
your submission. A selection committee will choose a small number of
designs to forward to the STLHE/SAPES Board of Directors for final
adjudication. Members of the Board will make their decision in February
2008 and notify the winner or winning team by the end of March 2008. The
winners name and design will be published in the STLHE Newsletter. The
logo will be used extensively at the annual conference, and will be
officially launched at the STLHE annual general meeting in June 2008 at the
University of Windsor.

Submission Criteria

1. All submitted works must be original; no previously copyrighted
material may be included in any component of the design.
2. All work should be submitted as a vector graphic.
3. Designs should be a maximum of two colours and the design should also
be submitted in black on white.
4. The letters “STLHE” and “SAPES” should appear with the design as they
will normally be printed when the design appears.
5. A paragraph of description (maximum of 200 words) should accompany the
design, explaining the ways in which it portrays the Society.

We thank students for their submissions in advance, but we regret that we
will not be able to return any of the work and will only contact students
whose work is selected for the final adjudication.

Selection Criteria

The winning design will communicate the Society’s image. The winning
design may be used on a range of media, from conference posters to
letterhead, and must communicate its message with clarity and distinction
at all scales.

The student (or team of students) whose work is selected will be awarded
$500. The award winner will be recognized in national print and electronic
announcements of the Society as well as in the Society’s Newsletter and at
the 2008 STLHE Annual Conference at the University of Windsor.

Joy Mighty
STLHE President


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