Northwest Association of Teacher Educators (NWATE) 2008 Conference proposals

I’m sure this would be a good conference, but the SeaTac Airport Holiday Inn?

This is the final invitation to submit conference proposals for the Northwest Association of Teacher Educators (NWATE) 2008 Conference to be held March 13-15, 2008 at the Holiday Inn SeaTac Airport. A 150-word proposal abstract is due Friday, January 18th 2008, and should be sent to

This year’s conference theme is Teacher Education and Teaching in Changing Times: Research, Exemplary Practice, and Certification. We are fortunate to have an excellent group of conference speakers and have added an exciting pre-conference workshop on Knowledge Bases for Diversity in Teacher Education by Dr. G. Pritchy Smith, William Allen Endowed Chair and Visiting Distinguished Professor at the College of Education, Seattle University.

Conference speakers include:

Paul Paese, President, Association of Teacher Educators

Segun Eubanks, Director of Teacher Quality, National Education Association

Conference presentations:
Last year more than thirty of our colleagues made presentations on research, practice and exemplary programs. The 2007 conference was attended by faculty from more than twenty universities in the Northwest. The yearly NWATE Policy Dialogue on Teacher Certification will be held on Saturday, March 15.

Teacher Education and Teaching in Changing Times:
Research, Exemplary Practice and Certification.
The mission of our conference is to: revitalize teacher education in the Northwest, examine the impact of new teacher education policies on future and current teachers, and offer an opportunity for increasing numbers of our colleges and K-12 educators to discuss and share exemplary practice, scholarship, and research in teacher preparation.
We invite proposals for presentations and papers from conference participants on a variety of topics including.
* Collaboration with K-12 schools, field experiences and professional development schools
* Preparing teachers for (broadly defined) school diversity
* Teaching in the content areas: Social Studies, Literacy, Science, Math, the Arts, etc.
* The 2+2 teacher preparation continuum and collaboration with community colleges
* The Field Experience and internships.
* Teaching as a profession, teacher induction and early career challenges
* Teacher testing, certification and accountability
* Reform and teacher education, testing certification and accountability

Proposals should contain:
* Title of proposed session
* Type of proposed session:
* Round Table Discussion
* Paper presentation
* Poster Session
* Exemplary Program presentation
* Presenter/s, Title/s, School Affiliation/s
* Abstract of approximately 150 words
* Contact person:
* Name/Address
* Telephone number/e-mail address
NOTE: Request an overhead projector, if needed.
Please Note: Except for overhead projectors and screens, all audio-visual equipment is the responsibility of the presenter.
All presenters must be registered for the conference.
Submit proposals by Friday, January 18, 2008 to:
Armando Laguardia
via e-mail at:
NWATE Conference 2008
Washington State University Vancouver
14204 Salmon Creek Avenue
Vancouver, Washington 99686
Telephone: (360) 546-9670
NWATE is a regional Unit of the Association of Teacher Educators with four major goals:
(1) To improve teacher education in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and Western Canada through the cooperation of all personnel engaged in such work;
(2) To encourage experimentation, investigation, and research directly related to the problems of teacher education including professional experiences;
(3) To cooperate with all areas and organizations participating in teacher education
(4) Explore and impact teacher education policy and practice issues.


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