Slowing down

I’ve been working on a talk that I’m giving this spring on “big & important things, and technology” — kind of a bold undertaking that is more than a little daunting. In fact, I’m trying to be reflective for months ahead of time to really try to get at some things that might really be important. Well, one of the things that jumped out at me early on, in fact, one of the original ideas I had for the talk was that technology seems to be encouraging us to accelerate everything — move faster, think faster, adopt things faster, reject things faster. This, I think, has brought with it an undertow; many of us are looking for ways to stop hurrying, to slow down.

One day recently, D’arcy Norman passed along a TED talk by Carl Honore on “Slowing down in a world built for speed.” Excellent thoughts on looking at the “slow movement”, slow food, slow cities, etc.

Have a look if you can find the time (irony intended).

More importantly, try to slow down, and as Honore suggests, “Find your inner tortoise”. I’m going to try to find mine.

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