Back from Europe… back to the café

Sorry the café was dark for the past couple of weeks. I was in Innsbruck, Austria for the WBE 2008 conference, and the connectivity wasn’t what I’d hoped. That’s a story in itself, but it will have to wait until later. I’ll also post some pictures on Flickr when I get a chance. Now, I’m in catch-up mode.

First, join me in doing penance for the nasty carbon footprint I put on the globe with my recent travel.

At 8 pm on March 29th, the world will turn off its lights for just one hour – Earth Hour – to show symbolic support for action on climate change. The University of Saskatchewan, along with our partners at the City of Saskatoon, Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools, Meewasin Valley Authority, Road Map 2020, Saskatchewan Environmental Society, Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council, Saskatoon Health Region, and Saskatoon Public Schools, encourage you to turn off your lights at home, and in the office, for Earth Hour.

Earth Hour is a global initiative begun by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) in Australia last year. Almost 2.3 million Sydney residents participated in 2007 – including more than 2,100 businesses. This year the WWF is taking Earth Hour global. Several major cities in Canada and around the world are participating in this event with more joining daily.

We will be doing our best to turn off our lights for Earth Hour. Do your part. Participate at home and participate at work. Talk to your colleagues to decide what you can shut off in your workplace before you leave work this Friday – light, computers and computer monitors, radios, photocopiers – and then do it.

Email the Office of Sustainability at to let us know what you plan to do to for Earth Hour. Then, let the world know of your support for this initiative by signing up today at and suggest your family and friends do the same.

Turn off your lights and see the world in a whole new light.

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