AERA Fellowship in Education and Adolescent Health

via Felice Levine, Executive Director, AERA

I would like to call to your attention to a special new opportunity for junior scholars to receive intensive training and a research experience in using data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (Add Health) and the Adolescent Health and Academic Achievement (AHAA) study that supplements Add Health.

Made possible with funding from The Spencer Foundation, this AERA Fellowship in Education and Adolescent Health will permit a selected group of researchers who are at the pre-doctoral or postdoctoral career stage (within 5 years of the doctorate) to participate in the education track of the Add Health Users Conference on July 24-25, 2008, continue to work on research with expert mentor guidance throughout the year, and conclude the fellowship with presentations at the 2009 AERA Annual Meeting and a post-Annual Meeting capstone retreat.

This Fellowship may be from emerging scholars proposing to use the education data or from those already working on research on education and adolescent health using the Add Health and AHAA data. Applications for this fellowship may be either for proposed use or for papers on current use. Funding for fellows covers participation in the 2008 and 2009 conferences and meetings.

Please spread the word to junior scholars whose research interests link education and issues pertaining to adolescents and their health and well-being. For further information on the fellowship and application procedures, see the AERA website at


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