Ustreamed project presentations, Saturday, April 5

Hope you’ll join us for some or all of the sessions tomorrow at the ECMM Mini-Conference, where our M.Ed. students will be presenting on their work.

WI’ll be Ustreaming the sessions in one room if the students give me permission. I’ll tweet the address(es) when it begins. I’m not sure whether I’ll be recording any of the sessions, but if I do, I’ll keep updating the addresses–probably on Twitter, although I’ll try to post here too. If we just broadcast live without recording, I’ll probably just start it in the morning and keep the broadcast running until we wrap up around noon. I just don’t know how busy I will be. but I will try to check out the chat room during the presentations and pass along any questions or comments you might want to offer.

Here’s the line-up:

9:15 – 9:40
Presenter: Darryl Isbister
Technology meets History – A Virtual Archaeological Dig.
This project uses technology to introduce students to the world of archaeology and promotes critical thinking through the creation of inferences.

9:45 – 10:10
Presenter: Sherri Sieffert
Creating an Online Student Services Manual”.
This project involved gathering information needed by special education teachers in Christ the Teacher Catholic School Division and putting the information into an online version that could be uploaded to the web or used in a CD format.

10:15 – 10:55 Poster sessions (person-on-street interviews)

Presenter: Jaymie Koroluk
Self-Directed Learning: Implications for Educational Technologists
Technology is changing the way many people direct their own learning. This poster outlines some of the things educational technologists should consider when they encounter self-directed learning in the field.

Presenter: Kirk Kezema
Developing a Presence in the 3D Digital World – Second Life
Insight into a journey of creating educational space in Second Life will be provided through an avatar’s personal experiences.

Presenter: Cindy Seibel
A Wiki Resource for Parents and Educators in a Technology-Enabled World
Explore this online collaborative space that includes links to current multi-media and web resources, dialogue and a literature review of pertinent topics in the field of parent engagement.

Presenter: Glenys Martin
Using Virtual Environments to Enhance Learning
This project studies the benefits of using virtual online environments to enhance the Saskatchewan Middle Years Science Curriculum.

Presenter: Ellen Hong Du
Early Immersion, native proficiency–Bilingual class and communication in children’s education
This project conducts second language teaching by ways of bilingual class and communication in Second Life and explores a new second language teaching system.

11:00 – 11:25
Presenter: Donna Desroches
Teaching for Information Literacy
Creating capacity for professional learning about information literacy through the collection and organization of resources, the provision of online tutorials and the creation of communication networks that utilize web-based tools to facilitate professional conversation, collaboration, creation and contribution.

11:30 – 11:55
Presenter: Reg Nakoneshney
Teaching Communications Production Technology Online
A web based course in CPT, rich in streaming video. This course involves the use of open source applications and Web 2.0 sites to incorporate a student created portfolio and collaboration. Created for delivery through the WebCT Learning environment as part of the Saskatoon Catholic Cyberschool course offerings.


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