Congratulations to our convocating students

Ahhh… It’s a great day in the Café–one of my favourite days of the year. Seven of our students are convocating today, and I love attending the ceremonies and watching them walk across the stage. Congratulations to each of these scholars, and welcome to the proud ranks of ECMM alumni.

CUE: Applause!

Mary Callele, M.Ed.
Donna DesRoches, M.Ed.
Daryl Guenther, M.Ed.
Darryl Isbister, M.Ed.
David McQuaid, M.Ed.
Reg Nakoneshny, M.Ed.
Sherri Sieffert, M.Ed.


2 thoughts on “Congratulations to our convocating students

  1. Thanks for your kind words Rick. It would not have been possible without the guidance of all the top notch faculty that makes up the ECMM program. I will continue to encourage everyone I meet to consider this wonderful program and experience.

    R Nakoneshny

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