Posted by: Richard Schwier | May 28, 2008

Pictures from convocation 2008

I’ve posted a few pictures from yesterday’s convocation. Sorry for the dodgy quality of the photos from the stage, but I had to take them cowpoke style … shooting fast and from the hip, to avoid drawing too much attention.

Also, I didn’t post the last names of the people in the pix on Flickr, but you can piece them together from yesterday’s post.

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  1. Hi Rick! Has it been 10 years since I graduated? How time flies. I have used one of your photos for my blog pages (you are credited). I didn’t think you would mind, under the circumstances. Thanks beaucoup.

  2. Always an honour, Pat. Thanks for checking in, and get in touch next time you’re around for a real cup of coffee.


  3. Rick, thanks for the photos – they are great! I loved every moment of learning – especially because I was able to define and explore my own learning direction within the context of the program. I greatly appreciate the support, guidance and wisdom that you provided along the way.

    I find it interesting that despite the learning network that I have created for myself and the constant learning that I continue to do I still appreciate the formal educational experience and felt a great sense of accomplishment as I walked across the stage.

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