Summer graduate student advisement – 6pm Wednesdays

Reminder: Summer Graduate Program Advisement
I’ll repeat this notice as a reminder. We’re up to our ears in summer projects now, so our Wednesday evening sessions are the best times to find us at our desks if you’re looking for some good advice or a bad cup of coffee.


Now that it is summer, we are getting into the “Where’s my prof?” time of year. Once again this year, we will be available for graduate program advisement on Wednesday evenings from June 18 through August 13. At least one of our faculty will be in the office on Wednesday evenings at 6 pm, so you don’t need to make an appointment–just drop in and go door-to-door or phone-to-phone to find out who is “on call.” If no students show up on a particular evening and we get lonely, we will probably leave by 8pm, so do try to let us know if you’re going to be dropping by later than that. We will stay until the halls are clear.

Contact info for each of us can be found at:

Barry Brown
Dirk Morrison
Len Proctor
Rick Schwier
Jay Wilson

N.B. This only applies to Educational Communications and Technology students — Curriculum Studies doesn’t have the same arrangement.

Information — beyond ontologies

I’ve thought a lot over the years, as you no doubt have too, about the nature of information and how we make sense of it in a digital world. I’d never once thought of how we have, particularly in the past, objectified information. It is a thing, in a bounded place, that is to be stored and retrieved as an object. Well, maybe not so much in a digital world–the very corporeal nature of information is challenged. I thought this video did a nice job of demonstrating a few older and newer ways to think about information.