WoW – that was fun!

Women of the Web 2.0 invited the EdTech Posse onto their show last night, and we had a great visit with them. WoW 2.0 has been doing great podcasts for a long time — this was episode 80 — so it was a privilege to have a chance to throw around some ideas with them, and generally get silly with them and a very lively group in the chat room.

They even set up part of the podcast as a game show made up of questions supplied from the Twitterverse. The competition was fierce and friendly (how USA/Canadian of us!) as both groups did their best, but we didn’t exactly shine on many of the questions. There was a general consensus from the chat room that WoW creamed us in the limerick category, but you’ll have to check out the podcast to hear the rest of the story.

Thanks for making us feel so welcome, and we’ll look forward to the grudge re-match.

You’ll find a recording of the podcast at


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