Educational Technology Conference List 2008-09

Dr. Clayton R. Wright has once again offered up his list of upcoming conferences that are related to educational technology. This is a very large undertaking, and one that saves me a lot of time. I print out Clayton’s list and post it next to my lamp. Every time I turn on the lamp, I dream of traveling to some exotic, or not-so-exotic, conference site.

One thought on “Educational Technology Conference List 2008-09

  1. Dr. Wright contacted me to explain the nature of his listings — essentially that they are much more complete for the next 6 months, but from January 2009, the complete information isn’t always available yet. I changed the date at the top of the page, thinking it was a typo. It wasn’t, and I’m sorry I may have confused readers. Here is Dr. Wright’s comment to me.

    I noticed that you changed the date at the top of the page.
    It may prove confusing later as each time I basically cover
    6 months in great detail. As of now, I don’t have enough
    info to complete the calendar for Jan. 2009 and beyond,
    thus the listing is incomplete for events being held after
    December 2008 (and I prefer if people didn’t think that it
    was). As usual, a number of people will wonder why their
    conference wasn’t listed in Jan., March, or May 2009 when
    it has been listed in the past. The simple reason is that I
    don’t have an upcoming date for many events commencing in
    January 2009. However, I am quite confident of my coverage
    between now and December 2008.

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