Posted by: Richard Schwier | June 27, 2008

Information — beyond ontologies

I’ve thought a lot over the years, as you no doubt have too, about the nature of information and how we make sense of it in a digital world. I’d never once thought of how we have, particularly in the past, objectified information. It is a thing, in a bounded place, that is to be stored and retrieved as an object. Well, maybe not so much in a digital world–the very corporeal nature of information is challenged. I thought this video did a nice job of demonstrating a few older and newer ways to think about information.



  1. Great video. If you enjoyed this, check out (if you haven’t already read it) Clay Shirky’s terrific essay “Ontology is Overrated” which is shown briefly in the video.

  2. Thanks, Rob. I hadn’t seen this essay. I think you just identified a new reading for 802. Cool!

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