Educational Technology Conference List 2008-09

Dr. Clayton R. Wright has once again offered up his list of upcoming conferences that are related to educational technology. This is a very large undertaking, and one that saves me a lot of time. I print out Clayton’s list and post it next to my lamp. Every time I turn on the lamp, I dream of traveling to some exotic, or not-so-exotic, conference site.

The design of protest

I’ve been interested in “other kinds of design” and how they might inform instructional design for a long time. Some colleagues and I, notably Katy Campbell, Elizabeth Boling and Andy Gibbons are deeply engaged in the questions, and have done a little bit of work together on them. We’ve considered how engineers, artists, architects, stage directors, set designers in television and film, interior designers, and landscape designers approach their craft.

But what about people who design social protest? I’d never thought about it until I saw this little video about how an artist protested the lack of garbage collection in Italy. Now Italy is special; I love it and I’ve only been there once. But I noticed a distinct sense of humour, less vitriol, a dramatic flair and even less fear of litigation (climb the Tower of Pisa and you’ll understand what I mean). Well, if you are part of that culture, how might you design a protest for more garbage collection?

It made me think about how there are so many design factors in a good protest. Should the tone be self-righteous? Angry? Concerned? Self-indulgent? Gob-smacked at the stupidity of society? Well, here’s how one Italian artist approached his design problem.