bay area funk live at la peña

in the bedroom

This one’s just for fun–warning, proud father alert. Some of you know my son, Benjamin, is a professional musician in San Francisco. He plays all over the place and with all kinds of artists, actually, but his favourite and most regular occupation is performing with Nino Moschella and his closest friends in The Park.

That’s Benjamin on keyboards (Nino at the mic) earlier this month at a gig in S.F. They were joined on stage by the other artists they were appearing with that night (wooeee, the park, gavin, mz mimz, wonway, do dat, ajayi jackson, mia zuniga, melina jones), and it looks like it was too much fun.

I love being able to find YouTube videos to track what he’s up to lately. When it comes to great jobs, I always thought I had the best one possible, but I’m beginning to think that Ben has edged me out by a nose.

E-Portfolios – Call for Chapters

E-Portfolios and Global Diffusion:  Solutions for Collaborative Education
Edited by Philip D. Jones, Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong
                          Jesus Meza Lueza, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico
With today’s international belief that ePortfolios are likely to become the most important electronic professional development and learning tool for the next decade and beyond, this publication will report the current global penetration and exploitation of ePortfolios. This publication will also offer predictions as to the future trends of ePortfolio use so that ePortfolio academics, creators, users and administrators can be prepared for tomorrow’s ePortfolio use today.

The key challenges for ePortfolio creators and academics over the next decade will be the examination of the potential of ePortfolios as international collaborative learning tools and the consideration of the infrastructure issues that will need to be addressed to create and maintain international communities of practice. This publication will provide an opportunity for those institutions that are new to ePortfolio use to easily identify on a global scale other institutions that are utilizing ePortfolios for a similar purpose, and thus, allowing for an international exchange of ideas as well as the formation of international collaborative ePortfolio networks.
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