iPod Touch-weird problem and even weirder resolution

Like many of you, I’m impressed with my iPod Touch and how it has changed my approach to the computing and social parts of my life. In fact, I’ve come to depend on it, which can be dangerous, as I learned last week.

I’ve downloaded tons of applications from the iTunes Store; well, okay, not tons, but quite a number anyway. For most of them, it wouldn’t really matter if something happened to them. My life wouldn’t change. But I’m using a ToDo List that is patterned after David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” that I do depend on. Importantly, it doesn’t backup to my desktop yet, although synchronization is promised in a future release.

Well, last week I upgraded the system software on the Touch to 2.0.2, and to my surprise and dismay, it broke all of the applications I had purchased from the iTunes Store. The resident programs were fine, but the purchased ones were all pooched. Yes, that included my To Do list with all of my data. Yikes.

After reloading the apps, nothing; after restoring the Touch to its factory settings and reloading everything, nothing; after writing to Apple support and waiting for an answer, nothing.

I was about to give up, when I thought I’d go ahead and download a new app from the iTunes Store. Why not? I’m a glutton for punishment. I picked a free app, and once again to my surprise, it worked! Okay, that’s surprising, but I could make up some explanations. But here’s the clincher: it also repaired all of my broken apps. All of a sudden everything worked again. I don’t know why and part of me doesn’t care, but I’m guessing some of my geekier acquaintances can figure it out. I’m just glad to have my apps back, and I’m looking for ways to back up that To Do list while I wait for the updated version to be released.

EdTech Posse Podcast 4.5 available

An informal podcast was recorded yesterday in Moose Jaw — in a pub in Moose Jaw to be more specific. It includes Ewan McIntosh, who was in town for a workshop and visit. I had to return to Saskatoon and missed joining everyone for this podcast, so the conversation is no doubt much better than usual.

You can catch the podcast page at http://edtechposse.ca/?p=25 or find the direct link to the recording at http://media.libsyn.com/media/edtechposse/etp_4.5.mp3

Parchoma CIDER session, Sept. 3

Title: Adoption of Technology Enhanced Learning in Higher Education

This presentation is based on Dr. Parchoma’s recently published (May 2008) book, Adoption of Technology Enhanced Learning in Higher Education. The presentation reports the findings of a study of the influences of organizational structures, cultures, pedagogies, and reward systems in a traditional university for their influences on faculty adoption of technology enhanced learning into teaching practice.

The study was undertaken in a research-oriented Canadian university. Eight case studies of faculty experiences in a five-year (2000-2005) initiative are reported. Participants’ perspectives of the influences of university policies and practices on the success of TEL initiatives are examined. The roles of instructional designers and IT and media developers in supporting faculty in TEL development projects are explored. Enabling and restraining influences on successful project completion are discussed. Theoretical implications of the overall findings for organizational change in research-oriented universities to support faculty adoption of TEL are posited.

When: Wednesday, September 3, 2008, 11am-12pm Mountain Daylight Time

Where: Online via Elluminate at:

Please make sure your Mac or PC is equipped with a microphone and speakers, so that we can use the Voice over IP functionality built into the web conferencing software. Please note that it is extremely important that you get your system set up prior to the start of the event. Information on installing the necessary software and configuring your PC is available at http://www.elluminate.com/support/ in the “First Time Users” section.