Couros coming to the U of S

Mark your calendars. This will be great!

Academic Integrity and the Culture of Sharing
with Dr. Alec Couros

Keynote speaker for the U of S Academic Integrity Awareness Week 2008 (

A free lecture in Convocation Hall, Monday, September 29th at 1:30 p.m.
No registration required.

The trend toward ubiquitous connectivity within university spaces has brought with it new possibilities and problems for academic collaboration. Many students are now connected via sophisticated mobile devices and through social networking services. This increased connectivity brings with it new questions regarding academic integrity, collaboration among students, grading and assessment, and even the value systems core to our traditional academic culture.

This presentation will highlight three main areas. First, there will be a discussion of traditional approaches toward academic integrity and digital plagiarism in North American universities. Second, the presentation will describe the rise of the digital culture that brought us Youtube, MySpace and Facebook. And finally, there will be a discussion of how this profound social, collaborative and open movement can inform our contemporary views of academic integrity, intellectual property and culture.

Bio: Dr. Alec Couros is the Coordinator of Information and Communication Technology and an Assistant Professor (Educational Technology & Media) at the Faculty of Education, University of Regina. Dr. Couros has given hundreds of presentations on topics such as academic integrity, digital citizenship, critical media literacy, Internet safety, open source in education, Web 2.0, and social networking in education. His blog, Open Thinking and Digital Pedagogy, can be found at


3 thoughts on “Couros coming to the U of S

  1. I thought I would have to miss this, but as it seems that I have a PD day on the 29th. Now I just have to convince my principal that this would be legitimate PD for me. Hmmmm ….

  2. Pressure? There’s no pressure, dude! Just ignore the 2K lights and the paparazzi. Can’t wait to see you in action. I’m hoping it’s a packed house!

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