CAPOC Request for Proposals–Website development

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Canadian Association of Pediatric Oncology Camps (CAPOC) is a Network of Canadian camp-based programs for children and families affected by cancer.
CAPOC achieves its mission by:
•    Sharing resources with existing and new member organizations
•    Maintaining an outline of standards that members are required to hold
•    Maintaining relationships with other organizations who support our programs
•    Providing information about the programs available in Canada to children and families affected by cancer
•    Supporting people living with cancer

CAPOC currently has members across Canada.

1.0    Background

This RFP is a CAPOC initiative and will be led by David MacKenzie in consultation with the CAPOC board.  Requests for proposals to design and create a website for CAPOC are invited.

2.1    Overview of website requirements:

This website would represent a pan-Canadian group of children’s oncology camping programs.

The site would have an English version and a French version which contain identical content.

Some sections of the site (contact information of member camps for example) may be presented in both languages.

After the construction of the website, changes to content would be performed by a designated member of CAPOC.  Administrative access to the website would be required.

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