Canada-China Scholars’ Exchange Program

Funding Opportunity for Faculty and Students: Canada-China Scholars’ Exchange Program

Awards available to Canadians for Graduate Study or Research in China
Under the auspices of China-Canada Scholars’ Exchange Program with China Scholarship Council acting as the executive agency, and in partnership with Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT), a number of awards are offered to Canadian scholars and students who wish to study and/or do research in subject areas related to China in the Chinese universities that are open to Chinese Government Scholarship recipients for the academic year 2009/2010.

Criteria for Eligibility
Applicants must be Canadian citizens. They should be faculty members at Canadian Universities or students who have a bachelor’s degree or are enrolled in a graduate program.

Criteria for Selection
Academic merit, both of the candidate and of the proposed research plan, will be the foremost consideration in the choice of recipients.
Applicants will be studying any approved areas of subjects in a Chinese university. Preference will be given to those candidates whose research is related to the study of China.
Applicants should have a certain level of Chinese language proficiency in both speaking and writing. However, candidates who can speak only English or French may be selected as long as their Chinese host universities are willing to accept them.

Duration of the Award
The award will be for a period of no less than 4 months and no more than 12 months from the date of arrival in China.
Chinese school year starts in September, and ends in early July, with a winter vacation of about two weeks in January or February.

Value of the Award
The Chinese government scholarship from the China Scholarship Council consists of:
Basic living allowance;
Payment of tuition fees;
On-campus accommodation;
Medical insurance and;
Teaching and research materials

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada will cover only the cost of return transportation for the award recipient(s) via the most cost-effective route between their previously decided upon point of origin and the final destination in the People’s Republic of China, as determined by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. DFAIT will accept responsibility only for travel arrangements made by its agents, and any cost of travel beyond that will be the personal responsibility of the Canadian award recipient(s). In most cases the aforementioned award recipient(s) will travel via Beijing, and the Chinese Ministry of Education will provide appropriate meals and accommodation to the participant(s) during stopovers at Beijing/Shanghai while en route.

Application Procedure
Applicants should submit five copies of each of the following:

A completed application form (obtained from the Education Office of the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa or downloaded from the link below). For information on Chinese universities that accept international students on Chinese Government Scholarships, please visit Chinese Institutions Admitting Foreign Students;

A detailed study or research proposal indicating objectives, duration of the proposed stay, methodologies, etc.;

Two letters of reference from university professors or other academic personnel;

Academic transcripts (college level and above);

A certificate of degree (if the degree is temporarily not awarded at the time of application, a letter verifying the graduation time by the dean (or supervisor) of the department is required).
In the field of fine arts (painting, graphic arts, sculpture and photography), applicants must submit six pieces of original work, presented in coloured pictures or recorded in a CD, clearly identified.

In the field of music, applicants must provide a standard cassette tape or CD no longer than thirty minutes in duration. It should include clearly identified samples of different musical styles performed or conducted by the applicant him/herself.
Application Form

All application materials must be received by the Education Office of the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa before February 20, 2009.
All correspondences should be addressed to:
Education Office, the Chinese Embassy in Canada
80 Cobourg Street, Ottawa, ON K1N 8H1
Tel: (613) 789-6312; Fax: (613) 789-0262
The Chinese Embassy in Canada will officially notify all Canadian applicants no later than August 1, 2009. Admission notice by a Chinese university along with other materials on visa and travel to China will also be sent to successful candidates.

For further information and support please contact:
Le Li
International Research Facilitator
International Research Office
Research Services
University of Saskatchewan

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